Dell Latitude E7250

349 €

In very good shape, used, fully operational tested condition. Some light cosmetic traces of use, please see detailed pictures. 12.5-inch touch display and weighs around 1.5 kg. Original Windows 10 Pro installed and licensed. Machine is cleaned professionally. It is a powerful, sturdy and professional series laptop.

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Hardware specifications

YES, Possible within 30-days
5th Generation Intel Core i5-5300U
(2,30GHz, 3MB L3 Cache, 2 Cores)
Up to 2,90 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology
Intel HD Graphics 5500
DDR3 (1600 MHz)
2 SODIMM slots supporting
256GB SSD Drive
Dell Lithium polymer Battery
12.2 x 8.3 x 0.8 in
30.99 x 21.08 x 2.03
16:9 anti-glare
YES, 3x
Function key volume controls
Headphone/Line Out
Integrated Microphone
Docking connector
Security lock slot
SD Card Reader
SIM Card Reader
Original Dell Laptop Charger (1x)

Please note:

Used devices do not benefit from standard EPIC SERVICES warranty on Batteries. Such warranty is only provided for products with specified new batteries in their respective listings. Please consult the disclaimer for further details. Please request additional photos of your product before purchase to make sure you are aware of the exact condition.

Included in shipment

  • Dell Latitude E7250 (1x)
  • Laptop Power Supply (1x)
  • Laptop Docking Station (1x)
  • Laptop Docking Station Power Supply (1x)

For questions concerning the product, we are at your disposal.

Note on the battery regulation

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